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To request a bid or to find out more about or services, just call, write or send us an e-mail. In addition, we’ll be glad to demonstrate in person how our capabilities and commitment to customer service will benefit you now and in the future. We can show now and in the future. We can show you in print, pictures, and video how our value engineering and innovative technology can meet or exceed  your requirements -- for less money and in less time that conventional alternatives.

Hall Brothers, Inc.


Dick Kistner                  Chairman of the Board

Rob Lauer                     President

Rob Roudybush, P.E.   Vice President-Operation

Jake Lauer                     Vice President Materials

Randy Laflen                Vice President Construction

Julio Franco                   Marketing Sales Rep. 

                                        Safety & Env. Director

Alan Wassenberg         Controller

Julie Kieffer                   Office Administrator

Nancy Fincham            Office


Hall Brothers International CO., LTD.


Dick Kistner       General Director

Rob Lauer          Deputy General Director

Barry Myers       General Director



Paradise, Texas (Onyx Plant)

Dennis Lambert    Plant Manager

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