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Hall Brothers International

This division of Hall Brothers, Inc. is currently pursuing work in Vietnam. Due to the intense rainfall patterns in Vietnam their current roads become very susceptible to hydroplaning along with other dangers involving low skid resistance. Many fatalities on Vietnam’s roads have resulted from these dangers.


Hall Brothers International Co., LTD. is working with the Vietnam Ministry of Transportation to rehabilitate Vietnam’s primary roads with Ultrathin Bonded Wearing Surface. This process is an ideal application to reduce hydroplaning and increase skid resistance (see Ultrathin Bonded Pavement under Services on our home page for further information).


Hall Brothers International Co., LTD is also working with the Vietnam Ministry of Transportation to begin rehabilitation on Vietnam’s secondary roads using not only Ultrathin Bonded Pavementbut a process called Reflex, or Cold In-place Recycling. This process is a partial depth recycling of the existing roadway which will strengthen the road and help resist cracking and rutting. Ultrathin Bonded Pavement will then be applied directly over the newly recycled road.

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