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Onyx projects 101: The steps to asphalt sealcoating success



  • Job Site Storage Tanks – If the mix is being delivered from a central mixing plant, then a job site storage tank should have the minimum capacity of the entire transport load. The storage tank should have an internal full sweep mixing system with a capability of providing a homogenous mix representing the mix design at any given location within the tank.

  • Surface Preparation – Remove loose material, mud spots, sand, dust, oil, vegetation, and other contamination material. If using water to clean pavement, allow cracks and surface to dry thoroughly. Assess the surroundings to determine protection needed for vegetation, curbs, end of streets, etc., to protect from spatter, mar, or overcoat


  • Two separate application coats required: The first application must be thoroughly set and free of any damp areas before the second application begins. Take care to make straight lines along lip of gutters and shoulders. Keep same thickness in these areas. No runoff on these areas should be permitted.

  • Ensure uniform coverage: Keep same thickness in all areas. First coat should be 0.10 to 0.15 gallons per square yard, with a total recommended quantity after second coat of 0.25 gallons per square yard minimum.

  • Equipment: Acceptable application methods are: motorized distributor, hand sprayers, and squeegees, with hand sprayers and squeegees being used to apply mix in areas that cannot be reached with distribution spray bar.

Post Aplication

  • Allow for complete dry time and ensure surface has cured to tack before traffic is permitted on surface and striping takes place.

Weather Limitations

  • Temperature: Apply only when pavement and air temperature is above 60?F and rising; do not apply when the temperature is projected to be below 32?F within 72 hours before or after application.

  • Moisture: Do not apply surface treatment material during rain, when road surface moisture is present, or during adverse weather conditions.

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