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Axys Projects 101: The steps to asphalt
sealcoating success


  • Job Site Storage Tanks – If mix is being delivered, on-site storage tanks must be made available and be capable of a full sweep mixing system to ensure a homogenous mix.

  • Surface Preparation – All surfaces to be treated should be blown or swept to remove any loose material on the surface. Assess the surroundings as to protection needed for vegetation, curbs, etc.





  • Two separate application coats are required.

  • Ensure uniform coverage: Keep same thickness in all areas. First coat should be 0.10 to 0.15 gallons per square yard; the total recommended quantity after second coat is 0.25 gallons per square yard minimum. A third application may be necessary in high traffic areas.

  • Equipment: Acceptable application methods are: hand sprayer, motorized distributor, and squeegees.


Post Application

  • Allow for complete dry time before traffic is permitted on surface and striping takes place


Weather Limitations

  • Temperature: apply only when pavement and air temperature is above 60?F and rising; do not apply when the temperature is projected to be below 32?F within 72 hours before or after application.

  • Moisture: Do not apply surface treatment material during rain, when road surface moisture is present, or during adverse weather conditions.


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