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Onyx®   Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment


Quick and tough, Onyx® frictional mastic surface treatment combines the durability you want from a pavement maintenance application with frictional characteristics achieved from improving micro texture on the pavement surface. 


Onyx is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, increased levels of angular fine aggregates, recycled materials, polymers and catalysts. Onyx is designed to protect your investment, minimize future maintenance treatments and get traffic back on your pavement more quickly.


Why You Should Insist on Onyx®


Speed to Open

Onyx frictional mastic surface treatment has been engineered to develop early strength. Using Onyx minimizes the often unseen cost of downtime with faster application and return to traffic.



Onyx has been designed with an increased level of high quality fine aggregate material. The design procedure relies on industry standard testing and allows you to feel comfortable with the frictional characteristics of Onyx.


Engineered Toughness

Onyx is a central plant manufactured technology that is applied without dilution. This manufacturing method allows for increased quality control and quality assurance. Additionally, Onyx has significantly higher loadings of unique polymers and catalysts that deliver the long-term performance you demand.



Onyx is consistently black and is formulated to reduce ultraviolet damage to the pavement. Additionally, the black color of an Onyx surface provides significant contrast to striping for motorists.

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